CVD admissions on the rise in Americans with cancer

The study was published August 1 in the European Heart Journal: Quality of Care & Clinical Outcomes. Although cardiovascular disease (CVD) is known to often strike the mortal blow in patients with cancer, a national analysis puts in stark relief the burden of CV-related hospitalizations in this vulnerable population. Results show that between 2004 and 2017, CV admissions […]

Prostate cancer patients now have a better prognosis

One common type of cancer is prostate cancer. The distinction between those with an aggressive form of cancer and those without it may now be made more quickly and simply thanks to research. In Sweden, prostate cancer affects more men than any other type of cancer. There is now a quicker and simpler technique to […]

The Risk of Cancer Is Increased by Nitrites and Nitrates

NutriNet-Santé studied the association between nitrite and nitrate intake (from natural food, water, and food additive sources) and the risk of cancer in a sizable prospective cohort research with a thorough dietary assessment. In soil and water, nitrates and nitrites are produced naturally. They are also utilised in processed meats as food additives (preservatives). They […]

Smokers have a lower risk of developing Prostate Cancer at a hidden cost

According to a large population-based study conducted by Lund University in Sweden, smokers are less likely to get prostate cancer, but more likely to die from the disease. Researchers have followed over 350,000 patients over several decades, and the results were recently published in European urology. It is common knowledge that smokers have an increased […]

Amalgamation of two therapies improve survival rate of men with prostate cancer

The study also shows that patients with prostate cancer who didn’t receive androgen deprivation therapy and who did not receive pelvic lymph node radiation had a five-year survival of 70%. The international Phase III clinical trial that served as the basis of The Lancet study, enrolled 1,716 patients between March 31, 2008, and March 30, […]

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