Breastfeeding women shouldn’t disregard nipple swelling, burning, or itching

Due to excessive humidity and fungi’s rapid growth, incidences of nibble infections in lactating moms tend to increase during the rainy season, according to Dr. Suman Bijlani, a gynaecologist, obstetrician, and endoscopic surgeon at SRV Hospital in Mumbai,India. Mastitis is inflammation and pain in the deep breast tissue, usually caused by bacteria. It can appear […]

Postpartum depression in men is very real yet widely ignored

According to recent studies, men too experience postpartum depression but their condition is frequently disregarded. The term “depression” refers to a mood disorder. It might be characterised as melancholy, grief, or rage that interferes with daily tasks. Depression manifests itself differently for each person. Your everyday tasks could be hampered, resulting in lost time and […]

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