Women’s menopause symptoms worsen when they have a history of abuse

Two decades later, the symptoms of menopause are greater and the quality of life is worse for women who have undergone physical, sexual, or financial abuse. Early-life adversity will probably continue to have an impact on a woman’s physical and mental health for years after the pressures have passed. According to a recent study, past […]

A research found a connection between past infertility and an elevated risk of heart failure

Researchers from Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) discovered that women who had a history of infertility had a 16 percent higher risk of heart failure compared to those who did not. The study was just published in the April 26 issue of Journal of the American College of Cardiology. Cardiac arrest, which affects over 6 million […]

Exercise endurance in middle-aged and elderly people enhances only with 5 Minutes of daily breath training

The study focused on a type of breathing exercise known as High-Resistance Inspiratory Muscle Strength Training, which was conducted at the University of Colorado (UC) Boulder (IMST). The diaphragm and other breathing muscles are traditionally strengthened by daily, low-resistance exercises lasting 30 minutes each. However, UC Boulder researchers have been looking into how much shorter […]

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