liver cancer

A diet heavy in processed fibre may raise certain people’s chance of developing liver cancer

Sometimes, it can be hard to follow dietary recommendations despite new dieting ideas and trends. Diets frequently need to be varied and adapted based on individual needs and health hazards because everyone’s nutritional requirements are unique. In a recent Gastroenterology study, the risk of getting liver cancer in mice fed diets high in fermentable fibre […]

Increased consumption of grapes in a high-fat Western diet may reduce the risk of fatty liver disease and lengthen life

Growing evidence supports the positive effects of eating a diet derived from whole food sources, including fruits, vegetables, and other non-processed foods. Fatty liver disease can lead to liver cirrhosis and eventually liver cancer. According to the study findings, table grapes may have an important role to play in reducing the incidence of fatty liver […]

PFAS ‘forever chemicals’ linked with liver cancer

A chemical called perfluooctane sulfate (PFOS) has been linked to the most common type of liver cancer, a new study indicates. PFOS is used in a wide range of consumer and industrial products, and are referred to as “forever chemicals” because they break down very slowly and accumulate both in the environment and in human […]

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