A new prenatal test can speed up and save money when it comes to chromosomal anomalies

Details about the test which are awaiting authorization from the New York State Department of Health before it can be offered to Columbia patients and its performance was published in the New England Journal of Medicine. Prenatal genetic testing are currently available, but they are expensive and take days to weeks to complete; this adds […]

World IVF Day: Vital point for first-time parents

Though many people with fertility problems can have a child after treatment, anxiety about whether the treatment will work can also undermine a person’s mental health. World IVF Day, observed annually on July 25, here are a few things that first-time IVF parents might want to know before they decide to undertake this journey. The […]

For women who are late in starting a family, frozen eggs are a better option than IVF

70% of women who stored eggs when they were younger than 38 and thawed at least 20 eggs later produced a baby, according to the biggest U.S. report on elective fertility preservation outcomes to date. The new discovery was based on 15 years of “real life” frozen egg thaw outcomes for women who had delayed […]

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