A balanced eating schedule may improve cognitive health, a study reveals

Food serves as fuel. It gives us the energy our bodies require in order to function and to maintain our health. During the Industrial Revolution, the demands of both employers and employees led to the development of the Western three-meal-a-day routine. Prior to that, two substantial meals every day that were based on farming and […]

HIV and hepatitis C patients have a higher risk of heart attack as they aged

It was published in the Journal of the American Heart Association, open access, peer-reviewed journal of the American Heart Association. As people with HIV age, their risk of heart attack increases far more if they also have untreated hepatitis C virus, even if their HIV is treated, according to new research. Since the introduction of […]

More senior citizens should perform at-home blood pressure checks

The NPHA team collaborated with study authors Deborah Levine, M.D., M.P.H., of the Department of Internal Medicine at Michigan Medicine, and Mellanie V. Springer, M.D., M.S., to construct the poll questions and evaluate the results. A new study shows that just 48% of persons aged 50 to 80 who use blood pressure drugs or have […]

Watching TV may increase your risk of dementia, while using a computer may lower it

The relationship to dementia with these activities remained strong no matter how much physical activity a person did, the authors wrote in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Both watching TV and using a computer have been linked to increased risk of chronic disease and mortality, while exercise and physical activity (PA) has shown benefits in […]

What type of dietary fiber is most effective?

If your diet is low in fiber, you can do your gut some good by adding more regardless of the fiber source, new research suggests. Many people know fiber as the nutrient that keeps you regular. But it’s also a key player in the makeup of the gut microbiome the vast collection of bacteria and […]

Study finds that 1 in 100 Indians has a concealed cardiac risk

A person with a problem may appear to be in good health, but they are vulnerable to risky cardiac electrical activity patterns that could result in palpitations, blackouts, or even death. A study of 1,029 genomes revealed that one in 100 apparently healthy Indians carries genetic abnormalities associated to heart electrical problems that might cause […]

Consumption of foods that contain enough carotenoids may play an important role in helping women to live healthy and longer

Foods with adequate amounts of carotenoids may play a significant influence in promoting the health and longevity of women. Despite having longer life expectancies than males, women age with more health problems. However, new research from the University of Georgia suggests that it may be related to dietary factors. It has been suggested by scientists that a […]

Fewer Burgers may translate to healthier Lungs, says researchers

A plant-centric diet in early adulthood was associated with less risk of emphysema in middle age, results of a long-running cohort study indicated. Participants whose diets at enrollment were in the top quintile on the A Priori Diet Quality Score (APDQS) system had 60% lower odds of developing emphysema over 30 years of follow-up versus those with […]

Women already have longer lifespans, and a healthy diet can increase longevity

Consuming more produce with vibrant colours can help reduce health problems affecting women. “The idea is that men get a lot of the diseases that tend to kill you, but women get those diseases less often or later so they perseverate but with illnesses that are debilitating,” said Billy R. Hammond, a professor in UGA’s […]

Consuming avocados regularly enhances diet quality and lowers cholesterol levels

A recent study indicated that eating one avocado per day for six months had no effect on waist circumference, belly fat, or liver fat in those who were overweight or obese. It did cause a very minor drop in dangerous cholesterol levels. Researchers from Penn State and other institutions participated in the randomised trial, and […]

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