Green tea extract improves intestinal health and controls blood sugar levels.

According to recent studies in individuals with a cluster of risk factors for heart disease, ingesting green tea extract for four weeks can lower blood sugar levels and enhance gut health by reducing inflammation and “leaky gut.” This study, according to researchers, is the first to examine whether the anti-inflammatory properties of green tea may […]

Short walks taken immediately after meals may lower diabetes and heart disease risks

Light walking after a meal even for 2 to 5 minutes can reduce blood sugar and insulin levels, the researchers found. Blood sugar levels spike after eating, and the insulin produced to control them can lead to diabetes and cardiovascular issues, the researchers explained. “With standing and walking, there are contractions of your muscles” that use […]

For those with type two Diabetes, limiting their meals to a 10-hour timeframe during the daytime may be advantageous

The authors of the new study note that in many Western countries, food is available 24 hours a day and a tendency to spread eating out over a long period of time can be problematic. According to a study released today, persons with type 2 diabetes who follow a time-restricted eating (TRE) strategy can see […]

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