Traumatic brain injuries in children, particularly among the little girls, are increasing exponentially

A new study suggests that sports and sporting equipment are increasing traumatic brain injuries in children. Traumatic brain injuries are a significant health concern and a┬ánew study┬áreports a significant increase of injuries in children since 2000. With an average of 308,000 annual cases, traumatic brain accidents have become much more prevalent in children ages zero […]

Girls are entering puberty at an accelerated rate at a very young age

Endocrine-disrupting substances, obesity, and fatherlessness could all be factors. Puberty is occurring earlier than it did even in the 1970s, according to a recent 2020 review that looked at 30 studies. The study was based on a seminal study conducted in 1997 and published in the journal Pediatrics by Marcia Herman-Giddens, which made the pattern […]

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