When parents are given antibiotics, the children become weaker

According to a recent study, zebrafish immune systems deteriorate if one parent has ever used antibiotics. Researchers have found that antibiotics can have negative effects for numerous generations. Antibiotics were previously heralded as the world’s savior. Since their creation, we have used antibiotics in such vast quantities and so frequently that more and more of […]

Experts have figured out how Gram-negative bacteria construct their defensive exterior, which could contribute to more potent therapies

Gram-negative bacteria’s outer membrane was previously discovered to be made up of two non-protein components: lipids and carbohydrates, which together form an impermeable barrier. Columbia University researchers have discovered how Gram-negative bacteria that cause drug-resistant pneumonia, bloodstream infections, and surgical site infections in hospitalized patients finish constructing a critical component of their outer membrane that […]

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