Breast-fed premature infants have a healthier gut than formula-fed ones

Breastmilk has long been considered “liquid gold” among clinicians treating premature infants in a newborn intensive care unit (NICU). Prematures who are breastfed typically have better health than those who are fed formula. But the reason why it is the case has stayed a puzzle. The difference is not solely due to the composition of […]

How Covid-19 impacts male reproduction?

The virus can occasionally be identified in semen and may even directly bind to sperm cells, according to the evidence, which also implies that covid-19 infections can reduce sperm levels for months. According to the UNFPA Report published in July 2021, the number of births decreased by 3.0 percent in October, 5.0 percent in November, […]

Prenatal vitamin D supplementation may reduce the likelihood of infant Eczema

The effect was particularly seen in babies who were later breastfed for more than a month. In a new study published in the¬†British Journal of Dermatology by the University of Southampton researchers, they revealed that babies had a lower risk of developing atopic eczema in their first year if their mothers took 1000 international units […]

Heat Wave in the late Summer may increase the risk of Miscarriage

Pregnancy stress is known to be exacerbated by summer heat. However, for many expectant women, extreme heat is considerably worse than a sweaty irritation. According to recent studies, the risk of miscarriage increases significantly as the temperature rises. The results show that the chance of miscarriage is 44 percent higher in late August than in […]

Plastics and Cosmetics Contain Chemicals Linked to Preterm Delivery

The study was published online in July 2022 in JAMA Pediatrics. Millions of goods that people use every day include phthalates, which are normally used to harden plastics. However, a new investigation has confirmed that phthalates are linked to a higher risk of preterm deliveries. In order to better understand the connection between phthalate exposure […]

Postpartum depression in men is very real yet widely ignored

According to recent studies, men too experience postpartum depression but their condition is frequently disregarded. The term “depression” refers to a mood disorder. It might be characterised as melancholy, grief, or rage that interferes with daily tasks. Depression manifests itself differently for each person. Your everyday tasks could be hampered, resulting in lost time and […]

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