What you should know about the relationship between depression, diabetes, and chronic kidney disease

Although diabetes, depression, and renal disease are all distinct illnesses, they are connected. Together, they occur frequently. It’s critical to keep in mind that, like diabetes and kidney disease, depression is a medical illness that can be managed. Both diabetes and depression can worsen one another. Both of them may hasten the development of renal […]

Statins won’t help healthy adults with elevated cholesterol, according to studies.

The study was published in the journal Current Opinion in Endocrinology, Diabetes and Obesity. According to American Heart Association estimates from 2020, almost 40 million Americans regularly take statins to lower their cholesterol levels and lessen their risk of heart disease and stroke. However, according to recent research by David Diamond, a neuroscientist and expert […]

For those with type two Diabetes, limiting their meals to a 10-hour timeframe during the daytime may be advantageous

The authors of the new study note that in many Western countries, food is available 24 hours a day and a tendency to spread eating out over a long period of time can be problematic. According to a study released today, persons with type 2 diabetes who follow a time-restricted eating (TRE) strategy can see […]

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