U.S. life expectancy falls to decades lowest level

According to recent CDC data, life expectancy in the United States fell once more in 2021 after dropping historically in 2020, to its lowest level in decades. The average American could anticipate living till the age of 76 in 2021, down from 77 in 2020 and 79 in 2019. This represents the largest 2-year fall […]

Only one in five Americans has heart health that is at its best

According to a new study published today in Circulation, the American Heart Association’s premier peer-reviewed journal, 80% of Americans have low to moderate cardiovascular health based on the Association’s new Life’s Essential 8TM assessment. The Association’s updated guidelines for measuring cardiovascular health are detailed in Life’s Essential 8TM, which was also released today in Circulation. […]

CVD admissions on the rise in Americans with cancer

The study was published August 1 in the European Heart Journal: Quality of Care & Clinical Outcomes. Although cardiovascular disease (CVD) is known to often strike the mortal blow in patients with cancer, a national analysis puts in stark relief the burden of CV-related hospitalizations in this vulnerable population. Results show that between 2004 and 2017, CV admissions […]

Medicare’s free wellness visit can prevent diabetes amputation

Annual wellness visits covered by Medicare reduce diabetes patients’ risk of amputation by more than one-third, a new study finds. A hypothesis confirmed that Annual Well Visits are associated with a reduced risk of major lower-extremity amputations, highlighting the importance of connecting patients to preventive care services. Study author Jennifer Lobo, a researcher in the University of […]

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