Consuming a banana or similar starch daily could lower the rate of hereditary cancers in adults by over 60%

Researchers at Newcastle University and the University of Leeds in the United Kingdom in a finding that appears in┬áCancer Prevention Research found that a Resistant starches(RS) powder supplement may help prevent cancer in people with Lynch syndrome. Nearly 1,000 Lynch syndrome sufferers participated in the experts’ international CAPP2 experiment. For an average of two years, […]

Sunomono consumption by older men is linked to a greater likelihood of having lower blood pressure.

The first observational study on the health advantages of dietary vinegar was able to be conducted because to the vinegar-based Japanese side dishes. The first proof that eating the Japanese side dish sunomono, which is vinegared, is associated with reduced blood pressure in men comes from an observational research conducted by Professor Hiroaki Kanouchi of […]

Cases due COVID-19 will fluctuate with or without restrictions

One reason some experts emphasise the need of not imposing restrictions and demands is the detrimental effects of the pandemic on mental health. At the beginning of the epidemic, restrictions like masks and physical separation helped to slow transmission, prevent overcrowding in hospitals, and buy time for researchers to create efficient vaccines and therapies. However, […]

Processed foods are detrimental to children’s health

According to a recent study, kids between the ages of 3 and 5 who ingested ultra-processed foods had worse locomotor abilities than kids who consumed less of them. Additionally, it revealed that 12- to 15-year-olds who ate more ultra-processed meals had lower cardiovascular fitness. This is one of the first studies to link intake of […]

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